Friends of Sam's House

A Community Health Services Organization

The health and happiness of people in a community is important for its strength and sustainability. The wellbeing of West Marin is looked after by the Friends of Sam’s House.

Friends of Sam's House is a hands-on organization that provides a helping hand to community members in times of great need.

Accidents or illness happen at inconvenient times. The first few days after a crisis are important, and having some assistance is reassuring, knowing that a community member will not have to be stranded or left alone.

Regardless of individual circumstance, whether a person is employed, has access to healthcare, or is homeless, a place to turn for a helping hand is comforting.

Struggling to manage a chronic illness or dealing with a sudden incapacity, one’s immediate environment can get out of hand fast – bushes get too big, grass too long, a trip to the doctor can become an ordeal, especially if wheelchair bound.

Friends of Sam’s House can help. Contact us, and know that we are here to help you.